Why SEO?

The goal of SEO (SEO = Search Engine Optimization) is to appear on the first or second page of the “Google Result Pages”, the so-called “SERPs” (SERPs = Search Engine Result Pages).

Therefore, decision makers ask themselves the question how to achieve this or how to legally, without using so-called “black hat” or “grey hattechniques, influence search engines (Google, Bing etc.) to appear on the two front “SERPs” pages (ranking optimization).

What to look for right at the beginning?

Search engine optimization begins with the creation of a website. A well structured and professionally implemented website is the foundation for successful search engine optimization. One should avoid long lines of code or extensions, as this can lead to long loading times and the speed of a page affects the search engine ranking. It is therefore advisable to avoid a complex structure, so that users get to the desired landing page as quickly as possible and do not jump off frustrated (bounce rate).

SEO Factors


Search Engine Optimization

There are about 200 factors that Google uses to evaluate a website and which are used by Google for indexing. Not all SEO factors are known. The most important SEO onpage & offpage optimizations are backlinks, social signals, freshness component (new content), loading times, meta information & responsive design (view on different devices: mobile phone, tablet etc.).

Since not all 200 measures can be mentioned with regard to the optimization of a website, here are a few more SEO activities that can be undertaken to get “ahead” in the Google ranking: Keyword optimized page titles, optimized page description, optimized headlines, use of alt attributes for images and graphics and no duplicate content.


SEO is not a science. However, avoid tempting “black hat” techniques for short-term success of your website, but run your search engine optimization in a structured and serious way. This is the only way you can profit from your web presence and a good search engine ranking in the long run without being penalized by Google.