The most energy efficient data center of the world?

The demand of data center capacity is constantly growing and at the same time the minimization of environmental impact is crucial. The mission of that EU funded project was to drive development as far as possible to meet and unify these conditions.


Boden Type DC One – when it all started:

Back in 2017 a pan-European consortium has been assembled consisting of data centre engineering specialist H1 Systems, cooling provider EcoCooling, research institute Fraunhofer IOSB, research institute RISE SICS North and infrastructure developers Boden Business Agency with the joined task to design and validate a future proof data center concept.

Two years later that international team managed to reach its ultimate goal by completing the „Boden Type DC project“ which is a 600kW lab prototype and demonstration site of the most energy and cost efficient data center in the world. Official name of this first installation „Boden Type DC One“.

Boden Type Data Center One

Boden Type DC One – The most energyefficient data center of the world

The project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme. The European Union has been granted a maximum contribution of € 2,87 million. Thanks to the EU the Boden type data center now houses over 400kW of open compute project-technology and HPC equipment with a PUE (Power Usage Effectiveness) of <1,01.


Why Boden?

Sweden or better Scandinavia became a growth area in the global data center markets about a decade ago. Already in the early 2010’ years several hyperscalers like Facebook, Google etc… invested in huge data centers (above 10MW) in Scandinavia.

Boden Type Data Center One

Boden Type Data Center One – interior view

No wonder that also the project team decided to locate the data center at the municipality of Boden in the North of Sweden since it is an area with very low power prices, energy from 100% renewable sources, operational cost saving opportunities, a cold climate and investment friendly environment.



The Boden type project demonstrates a range of highly innovative key engineering principles which has been used to construct the most cost and energy efficient data centers with minimal environmental impact.

The Boden Type DC ONE solution offers sustainable data center building, which is energy and resource efficient throughout its lifecycle, cheaper to build and operate and brings jobs and knowledge to remote places.

The Boden Type projects introduces the holistic cooling approach: cooling in the data center intelligently works together with an algorithm that controls IT workloads, server fan speed and temperature in order to maximize  efficiency.

The aim of Boden Type DC ONE is to integrate adiabatic fresh air cooling, modular building design, clean and high quality electricity supplied by renewable energy source, ideal climate and service infrastructure.

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